Arabic movies and series platforms

Arabic movies and series platforms

Table of contents

  1. Shahid platform
  2. VIU platform
  3. BeIN Media Group
  4. OSN Network
  5. Watch it platform

The Arabic platforms provided viewers with features that they might use in order to save time and watch dramas, cinemas, and even the shows produced by these platforms throughout the year without ads, with the ability to pick any quality, these platforms also provide the feature of translating works into several languages.

Shahid platform

  • The Shahid platform is one of the paid Arabic platforms or applications that was launched by the Saudi MBC Middle East Broadcasting Center on July 2011, and is constantly updated.
  • The Shahid platform provides a free service without subscription, and a paid Shahid VIP service, it contains old and exclusive Arabic and non-Arab series and movies, exclusive programs, and live broadcasts for some TV channels, all on demand.
  • The application can be downloaded on all smart devices, whether Android devices, iPhones or smart TVs, watching entertainment without getting bored, and without ads.
  • The Shahid platform is the first Arab paid streaming platform, one of the most important features of Shahid platform is the ability to pause the video and resume watching later, it also allows creating more than one profile through a single subscription, which makes it affordable for many people, It also provides safe entertainment content for children, and content suitable for family audience, when a user wishes to cancel the subscription, it does not impose any obligations on its users.
  • In 2021, the number of subscribers to the Shahid service exceeded 2 million.

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VIU platform

  • The VIU platform is one of the new platforms that provide paid streaming service for movies and series in the Arab world, it also provides free service with ads.
  • The platform has a number of Arabic films, series, Korean dramas, programs suitable for children, and works produced by the platform, such as “Hob Eltayebeen” and “Zodiac”, it also provides foreign works that are presented by FOX+.
  • The subscription of VIU platform can be paid by many ways; through mobile phone companies such as Vodafone, Orange and Etisalat, through bank cards or Google Pay, PayPal, iTunes and Fawry.

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BeIN Media Group

  • Known as “beIN Media Group”, it was established in January 2014 AD, specializing in television production, and it also owns many entertainment channels and networks.
  • beIN is a global group that broadcasts many of its 91 sports and entertainment channels in 33 countries around the world, and provides them in six different languages.
  • beIN Group has several advantages, the most important of which are the following:

beIN Media Group offers its channels in the best possible 1080p resolution, and with Dolby Audio.

It presents its programs and shows in different languages such as Arabic, French and English.

It provides the latest international and local entertainment programs and movies.

BeIN is distinguished by its exclusive coverage of the most important and prominent international sports tournaments

  • beIN Group owns 91 channels in various areas of interest:

Sports channels: 42 channels, including beIN 4K and beIN SPORTS.

Channels for entertainment and cooking programs: 15 channels, including FOX, Fatafeat, Alaraby Tv and beIN GOURMET.

Movie channels: 7 channels, including beIN 1 Movies Premiere, FOX Movies, and STAR Movies.

Children’s channels: 10 channels, including Baraem, CN “cartoon network” and be JUNIOR.

Channels for news and documentaries: 17 channels, including National Geographic, Bloomberg CNN, and Al Jazeera.

  • One of the most important features of beIN Group is providing pay per view services.

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OSN Network

  • Known as the “Orbit Showtime Network”, it is the result of the merger of Orbit Communications and Showtime Arabia. OSN is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and was established in 2009.
  • The OSN network is distinguished by its inclusion of a large number of channels, reaching 160 channels, presenting the latest, most prominent and largest films, including what it presents ahead of any other network in the Middle East and Africa. It also provides a family supervision service to choose the appropriate content for family viewing, and offers its channels in HD.
  • OSN Network offers many packages:

EL KUL package: The package provides 96 channels, including CNBC, OSN kidzone, Nickelodeon, and OSN Yahala Bil Arabi.

El Lamma Package: The package provides 30 channels, including OSN comedy, DISNEP CHANNEL HD, and OSN movies Hollywood.

Alfa Package: The package provides 8 entertainment Arabic channels, this package is suitable for family viewing and suits all tastes “Arab Family Channels”.

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Watch it platform

  • The Watch It platform is an Egyptian platform that offers only Egyptian films, series, plays, sports, and programs.
  • Watch It is affiliated with the United Media Services Company, the platform was launched in 2019, specifically in Ramadan.
  • The Watch it application can be used on all smart devices, such as Android devices, iPhones, and smart TVs.
  • The digital platform offers free service for a week when subscribing, and provides subscription service on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis.


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